How to make a 3 type tea recipe

Today I will share with you the layer tea recipe. Today I will show you how to make three types of tea, First two layers than three layers and finally 7 layers. This seven-color tea of Srimangal in Bangladesh is very attractive to everyone and this special recipe of favorite color is unknown to most people. Many people think that it is only available in Srimangal. Tea is almost everyone's favorite drink. Many people drink a few cups of tea a day and it has even become a habit for many. But what if you make a tea different from the daily tea and surprise everyone. This is why you can make layer tea. This tea is very interesting to look at. Many people think that it is very difficult to make layer tea but it is very easy. This tea can be made with some simple ingredients, so let's learn to make this tea without delay. 

How to make a 3 type tea recipe

two colors of tea

All the ingredients you need to make two-colored teas:

                 👉 500ml milk

                 👉  sugar to taste(However, those who do not like sugar in tea can omit it)

                 👉  Half a liter of water 

                 👉  2 tablespoons chapati(You can use a teabag if you want)

                  👉  Four or five peppers

                  👉 Two white cardamoms 

                  👉  two cloves

two color tea preparation method:

The method of making the first layer:

First, you have to put it in a pot on the stove. Then add 500 ml of milk and sugar to taste. Now do well milk fire have to. When you see that milk bubbles have formed, you have to take it down. Then pour the milk into a container and shake well with a hand beater until the foam is formed. 

The method of making the 2nd layer:
Put a pot on the stove and add half a liter of water, 2 tablespoons chapati, four or five red chilies, two cardamoms, and two cloves. Now you have to boil the tea well. When the tea is cooked, it should be sifted with a filter. In a glass, I foamed the milk well and they had to be poured over it.
Then all you have to do is take a spoon on the glass, hold it up and pour the liqueur tea gently and one important tip is milk but the liqueur should be a little colder than the tea.

three colors of tea

All the ingredients you need to make three-colored teas:

             👉 palm sugar 60g

             👉 water 20ml

             👉 Evaporated milk
             👉 thick black tea

             👉 ice cubes

three color tea preparation method:

First, you have to cut the palm molasses well and cut them into small pieces. Then put a pot on the stove and put the palm molasses in it and mix it well with water. Now you have to burn until the bubbles are created. When the bubbling starts, you have to take it off the stove. Now take a glass and give it with palm molasses. Then you have to give it with the pieces of ice. She should be given evaporated milkAnd at the end of it all, you have to give thick black tea. Then the three-color tea was made.

Seven colors of tea

All the ingredients you need to make seven-colored teas:

            👉 Tea leaf

            👉  sugar 

            👉  condensed milk

Seven color tea preparation method:

First, you have to mix one tablespoon of sugar with 2 tablespoons of water. Then liqueur should be made by burning the amount of water and tea leaves in the oven. Now mix 1 tablespoon of liqueur and one spoon of cider. Then mix one tablespoon of liqueur with two tablespoons of condensed milk. Then pour plain cider into a cup or glass first and after 20 seconds pour the cider matching liqueur.  After 30 seconds, mix condensed milk. After one minute, heat the remaining liqueur and pour it gently over the edge of the cup. After one more minute, the mixture of condensed milk and liqueur should be poured gently. In this way, seven layers have to be made. Now look at the easy seven layers of fun colored tea was made. 

Friends, please comment on the tea recipes and try them at home and tell me if you make a mistake.

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